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What’s your story?

I write songs & music based on your experiences.
Is there a message you want to convey?
A story you want to tell?
I’m your dude.

* Songwriting
* Sound design
* Sound branding
* Sonic signatures
* Jingles

Quotes differ for commercial and personal purposes.

Let me know how I can help you by clicking the button below.

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In the mood for some creativity?

Maybe you want to learn how to write your own song?

I can help you in expressing your thoughts and feelings through creative media. 

Yes, you can learn to be creative and it is an amazing world to dive into.


services II

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How does life sound?

Do you have a podcast or perhaps some demos, 
Maybe an audio book? 

Well then, you’re in luck.
I offer following services:
* Audio recording
* Editing work
* Music production
* Post-production

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What can sound do?

Sound & music have very healing qualities.

My sessions are performance-based and can be held in public spaces as well as in the comfort of your own home.

Time to close your eyes and let the music wash over you.


services III

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Want to learn music?

From a songwriter’s perspective I’ll teach you how to play either guitar or piano.

I mainly teach through a pattern-recognition method.
Which is a more playful and motivating approach.

We’ll dive as deep as you want. 
The focus is on playing and creating music.

For those interested we can also talk and explore sound healing.

Individual or group lessons possible.

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Need some help?

Some outsider’s input in your musical productions?
Some fresh ears & ideas needed?

I lend you my skills as a musician.
I mainly do guitar-work
But also translate ideas to other instruments.

I provide demos or do a sit-in session.

Check out my rates for some detailed info.