Hi there,
Let me introduce myself. 
I'm the big cheese over at Sleeptalk Records.
I also write/play/perform and release music
Under the moniker: Oakfield Drive.
Around these digital highways though, I am known as @bramzilla
Soft yellow and faint blue are the colours of my character.
Making noises, sounds and music have been the grease to my squeaky gears
For what seems like a modest chunk of an eternity. 
So yeah, i'm a songwriter with a furry, four-legged buddy, named Sia, for a muse. 
We go on tiny adventures together to seek inspiration,
Kodak-moments and  collect stories.
Oftentimes soundscapes just spring from these trips.
I have a great love, that unfortunately can't supersede materialism,
For six-stringed sing-things.
Oh heck.
All stringed music things really.
So I sing what I want to have sung.
String what I feel like should be strung.
And tickle analog & digital ivories (and ebonies)
That bring me from point A to wherever I want to B.
This is a world inside a world
Where i'd like to invite everyone to join us.
To dream with our eyes wide open,
And find aural pleasure
To revel in.

So come on, jump on the bandwagon.

I'm done waxing poetic for now,
I promise.


bramzilla, oakfield drive